Student Care

Healthy learning and living for all at BISZ

As part of our philosophy, all members of the BISZ community which includes students, boarders and staff alike, are to commit to leading a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Education is a combination of theory and practice as well as healthy living where safety is of priority. Boarding staff monitor, educate and mentor the boarders in the following areas:

Healthy Nutrition

In order to grow and learn optimally a well-balanced and healthy diet is essential. Boarding students are provided with four meals per day – breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. All meals are served in the school dining room which is always well stocked. Food is prepared on-site by certified chefs who prepare a variety of seasonal national and international dishes. Each month we have our famous international week where dishes from a different country or continent from around the world is highlighted on the menu. Dietary and religious practices are fully respected in the preparation and serving of all main meals. 

Responsibility and effective time-management

A key skill that students will be encouraged to uphold is their completion of all school work, homework and projects. Learning to be responsible for your work is a life skill that needs to be honed into students. They will be given set hours and support by boarding staff to complete school tasks in communication with their subject teachers. Managing free time with learning time and getting the best of both worlds will be relayed to students through group meetings and presentations.


As an educational institution, all students and boarders are briefed regularly on general safety and safe practice. Certain topics covered in designated meetings include: 

  • Croatian customs and traditions to know when off site
  • Regular fire drills in our school and boarding house
  • Regular reviews of the BISZ Boarding Handbook
  • Croatian traffic and youth protection law
  • Regulations for leaving the school campus
  • First Aid Practice

Pastoral Care

Making students feel safe, comfortable and cared for is of priority to all boarding staff. Knowing that the socialisation process can take time and that boarders’ physical and emotional well-being is important, every effort is made to make each day a success. Boarding staff are ‘a shoulder to lean on’ for those challenging times and they are also their too celebrate success and build a sense of positivity, resilience and togetherness. Focus is placed on:

  • Birthdays, religious festivals, national holidays
  • Family and friendship issues
  • Academic performance
  • Relationships
  • International mindedness
  • Illness 
  • Puberty and adolescence
  • Bullying and mobbing
  • And much more!

School to home

The level of communication between school and home is of utter importance with parents regularly informed about school news via the school website and/or personal email. In reference to a child’s individual performance at BISZ and their time in boarding, parents are informed through regular emails as well as requested meetings or on-line discussions which can be pre-arranged with boarding staff.

In case of any illness, inappropriate behaviour or other unforeseen incidents, parents will be informed immediately. Families are also welcome to visit. We recommend that parents of boarders visit during designated weekends and short school holidays to avoid disrupting school life.