Student Assistance

Making life easier

Residence Permits

Boarding matrons assist students with any administrative procedures that need to be carried out. This could be in regards to residency, study visas, student ID cards, official and non-official paperwork, translating and more. BISZ requires all boarding students to have legal permission to reside in Croatia. Our experienced school boarding staff can provide information and assistance to visiting family members on procedures and can assist in the accommodation process.

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance coverage is compulsory for all students in Croatia. If the student’s existing medical insurance plan does not meet national requirements, the student will be required to purchase private medical insurance for the entire academic year upon enrolment. The medical insurance fee is payable annually.


Many foreign students often request additional assistance with their school subjects at the Key Stage 2 to 4 Level; in IGCSE or in their A Levels. The school is able to provide guided assistance and tutoring with schedules created and goals set out. Students must know what they are doing and why. Classroom teachers and subject specific teachers assist in advising the needs of any child so that practice is individualised and specifically targeted. It is the boarding matrons that organise and monitor this procedure.

Library and Study Hall

Our new state of the art library is a multi-purpose facility where all students and staff can meet to work and relax. Traditional library rules apply where all who enter must comply.  The official collection of resources holds over 2,000 titles that include both fiction and non-fiction books as well as study guides, magazines, textbooks, and other student resources. The library maintains supplementary books in English, French, Croatian, Italian and Polish. Students in the Primary School have one official library period per week when they can borrow books and the librarian often exposes children to texts linked to their Science or IPC Units. A cordoned section of the library is designated for students to do quiet work, conduct project work, and research. The study area offers a quiet and friendly atmosphere within its 200m2 where students can focus and work in a proper learning environment.

School doctor and nurse

The BISZ Boarding Building has a new Medical Centre where First Aid and medical treatment is carried out by a qualified staff member. The school has its appointed nurse who regularly visits and a doctor is always on call in case of an emergency. As a school, we have direct link with a nearby hospital for emergency situations. The Medical Centre is fully equipped with all medical requirements in accordance to Croatian National Law. 

University and Career Counselling 

All IGCSE and A Level students are offered career advice throughout their study years by an experienced careers counsellor. The choice of subjects to study based on University preferences is an important decision and the decision making process often involves parental compliance. Deadlines, exam registrations, fee payments, prior recommendations, intake requirements and other key factors require and informative individualised approach which we offer to all members of our student body. 

School Uniform and Laundry Services

All students wear a school uniform at BISZ. For girls it consists of a yellow polo shirt, a dark blue cardigan (each with the school logo embroided), a knee length skirt and shoes. Boys wear a yellow polo shirt, a dark blue jumper (both with the school logo embroided), and navy blue pants. All of the clothing items mentioned are to be purchased from the school except for the boys pants which need to be bought outside of the school.  Students come to school wearing their outdoor shoes (any form of shoe), and they need to change these to their indoor shoes (any form of shoe) due to hygiene and cleanliness. Boarding students have two allocated times per week to have their school uniforms washed and cleaned. Boarding cleaners will collect the uniforms and return them cleaned. All other personal clothes are the responsibility of students who take care of the washing, drying and ironing of their personal laundry (all non-uniform belongings). Students will be taught to wash, dry and iron their own clothes if at an appropriate age.