Additional School Activities 

Diverse activities beyond the academic day!

Once the school day is over our boarders have the opportunity of choosing from a wide range of activities to further pursue their interests; this encompasses learning to play musical instruments, arts & crafts, a range of sports, media studies & movie-making, workshops, robotics & 3D printing, gardening, and international projects just to name a few.

The set list of activities is offered to students not only to fulfil their day but to help develop their skills and interests in specific areas. Emphasis is placed on developing students as a whole, giving them life skills and opportunities to learn or even become experts in certain fields. The after school activities are organized and run by the boarding matrons or qualified external trainers and teachers.

In terms of availability, the after school activities are flexible and depend on student demand and interest.

Sports and Recreation 

We believe that students should learn to live healthily, both physically and mentally. Being active throughout childhood and in the teenage years is vital to growth and development and therefore we offer a wide range of sporting and recreational activities for students to choose.

The school has a proud affiliation to table-tennis which is highly promoted and can be seen as soon as you enter its premises. But that is not all, in order to pursue a life of healthy living and give our boarding students opportunities to become fit and active, boarding staff or qualified external trainers organise programmes in various sports to help engage and challenge students.

swimming, basketball, volleyball, handball, gym & fitness training, running, cycling, table-tennis, futsal, yoga, skiing, orienteering, basics of gymnastics, self-defence courses, sailing, rowing, hiking, windsurfingDancing, robotics & 3D printing, movie maker & animation, gardening, playing a musical instrument, drama club, home economics, valuable community & working experience

Pursuing these activities is always based on student interest and the number of students participating.

Upon enrolment, students are interviewed in regards to their sporting and recreational choices and only then can a plan be developed in regards to the choice of activities offered and their viability.

On Campus Extra-Curricular Activities

BISZ is a school with some outstanding facilities in which boarders can either follow their interests or try something new. Below is a table which outlines the extra-curricular activities that can be conducted on campus:

Extra-curricual activities

  • swimming
  • basketball
  • volleyball
  • handball
  • fitness classes
  • running classes
  • table-tennis
  • futsal
  • yoga
  • basics of gymnastics
  • self-defence courses
  • dancing
  • robotics & 3D printing
  • movie maker & animation classes
  • gardening
  • drama club
  • arts & culture club
  • private music lessons at student’s request

Field trips and excursions

Being located in Zagreb, our school is positioned at the foot of Mount Medvednica, a natural gem of the city which attracts thousands of locals and tourists each day. Here, students and staff can go hiking and mountaineering on a regular basis. Zagreb is a 2 hour drive from the pristine Adriatic Sea and central to many European cities which is highly advantageous in planning where to go and what to do throughout the school year.

Throughout the school year we provide students with the opportunity to experience seasonal adventures during active weeks or on weekends. Our students can be found windsurfing, sailing, cycling and canoeing through to skiing, snowboarding and ice-skating. Students are at times offered levelled courses in activities which help build confidence, skill and leadership qualities beyond the classroom. Zagreb is a city thriving on its natural surroundings with plenty of things to see and do. Our students can visit:

Museums and Art GalleriesContemporary Art, Science and Technology, Naïve Art, Nikola Tesla Technical Museum, Ateliers, and more…
Parks and RecreationMaksimir Park, Bundek Park, Zrinjevac Park, Lake Jarun, the Sava River, the Botanical Gardens, and more…
Sporting Events
Snow Queen Trophy (skiing slalom), Zagreb Marathon, Golden Pirouette (ice-skating), Hanžeković Memorial (athletics), Terry Fox Run, IJF (judo)…
Sporting ClubsDr. Casl (table tennis), Dinamo Zagreb (football), Cibona and Cedevita (basketball), PPD Zagreb (handball), Mladost (waterpolo and volleyball clubs) and more…
Performances and TheatreCroatian National Theatre, Comedy Theatre, Arena Zagreb, Gavella City Drama Theatre, Exit Theatre, Kerempuh, Zagreb Puppet Theatre, and more…
Landmark locationsCity universities, the National Library, Religious buildings, statues and squares, historical sites, gardens and fountains, nearby cities and towns, and more…
Concert and Play VenuesVatroslav Lisinski Hall, Cibona Hall, Dom Sportova, Arena Zagreb, Bočarski Dom, Šalata, and more…


Living the great outdoors is another way of giving students a different experience away from the classroom. Camps and the entire experience of being in nature is ever so important in this day and age with children living lives that are less healthier and confined to being indoors. It is highly regarded that camping teaches students skills in survival, teamwork, negotiation, high work ethic and in many cases facing certain fears.

BISZ works alongside travel and educational agencies to specifically organise tailor made camps to give students challenging and rewarding experiences that are lasting. Activities include orienteering, bush walking, trekking, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, abseiling, fishing, rowing, setting up tents, cooking, and more. Camps last from 3-10 days and are only a few hours from Zagreb; destinations include Mt. Medvednica, the Velebit Mountains, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Risnjak National Park, Paklenica National Park, Učka Mountain, and more.

Food and Nutrition

Live healthy, eat healthy! At BISZ, we believe that nutrition is essential to student health and balance, and our chefs strive to provide fresh products at all times from local producers. Each day, students are served breakfast, a hot lunch, and an afternoon snack. Boarding students also get a hot dinner and a desert provided for. We make sure to cater for every student’s dietary and religious requirements in terms of food preparation. As for weekends, all the aforementioned meals are also provided for each Saturday and Sunday.

It is said that ‘variety is the spice of life’ and our chefs strive to be creative and internationally minded at all times. Food from across all four corners of the globe is served throughout the year which reflects on the diversity of our staff and student body; not to forget our highly valued ‘International Week’ which is held once a month.

Student Life

What does it mean to be a member of a community? Students at BISZ learn to be individuals who work homogenously with others in the classroom and beyond. Their busy academic schedule combined with additional school activities leaves little time for much else. Yet, getting out into the community and becoming active members of the community is something we advocate. Students often participate in international projects with defined goals and tasks, but they also get more of a hand’s on experience with our work experience policy and school council.

Work experience and community spirit 

Education is about preparing young people for the real world and what better way can we do this then by giving our students the opportunity to gain some integral work experience. A defined time is out into the school calendar for boarders to gain valuable experience in many of the institutions that are within city distance.

In addition, we believe that giving both students and staff the opportunity to lead and organise a wide variety of events is a great way to learn and celebrate our own strengths and affiliation to the community. Whether it is the annual International Day, a charity project or fundraiser, we strive to build a spirit of internationalism, appreciation of the host country, and our very own school community.

School Council

‘Positive criticism and feedback, suggestions for improvement, identifying potential flaws or problems, and many other things is what our School Council does’.

Each year class captains are voted for and they meet regularly throughout as our ‘School Council Representatives’. This process generally takes place around October so there can be a smooth transition from one academic year to the next.

They advocate recommendations for change or development, which provides students with a large variety of opportunities to learn, take action, lead initiatives and make changes for the better.