Fees and charges

Annual Tuition Fees for the academic year starting August 2023 to June 14, 2024 are as follows:

SchoolYearsAnnual Tuition Fee
PreschoolNursery and Reception7.250,00 €
(54.625,13 kn)
Primary SchoolYears 1 - 614.500,00 €
(109.250,25 kn)
Middle YearsYears 7, 8 and 916.000,00 €
(120.552,00 kn)
Secondary SchoolYears 10, 11, 12, 1317.500,00 €
(131.853,75 kn)
Boarding School (Full Boarding Programme including Annual Tuition Fee)13 to 19 years oldSingle room 29.000,00 Euros (218.500,50 kn)
Double room 27.000,00 Euros (203.431,50 kn)
Only one Semester70% of Annual Tuition Fee

For the Secondary School Y12/13 the Annual Tuition Fee is charged depending on the number of subjects chosen and the size of the students per group.

The contractual obligations to pay tuition must be paid within the agreed deadlines. It does not matter whether the child attended classes or not. Paid tuition fees are non-refundable.
The school will not issue certificates and diplomas until the parents have fulfilled all financial obligations to the school.
If parents want to withdraw their child from school, they are obliged to do so in writing addressed to the principal at least 6 months before the beginning of the next academic term.

Conditions for non-boarding students:

The British International School of Zagreb offers a 5% discount if the Tuition Fee is paid all at once till the end of May.

  • 3x TERMLY (40% paid by 21.06., 30% paid by 21.10. and 30% paid by 21.01.)
  • If a parent is late paying Annual Tuition Fees, the school has the right to demand an immediate payment of all remaining tuition fees or terminate this Contract at the expense of the student.

Sibling discounts:

A reduction of the Annual Tuition Fee is allowed for families with more than one child enrolled at the same time (15% for the second child, 30% for the third child, 50% for the fourth child). The discounts will take the oldest child as the first and the youngest child as the last.

Boarding Fees:

Full Boarding Programme Fee 29.000,00 Euros (218.500,50 kn) (Single room) or 27.000,00 Euros (203.431,50 kn) (Double room) (including: tuition fee, boarding room and cleaning, all meals, laundry service for uniform, on campus sports and recreation activities).

Application and Enrollment Fee for Boarding students 1.500,00 € (11.301,75 kn)  (The Enrolment and Application Fee confirms a student’s entry into our school. It is to be paid upon a student’s acceptance to the school to reserve his or her place. The fee is due in the first year only. It is non-refundable and non-transferable).

Security Deposit 3.000,00 Euros (22.603,00 kn)(the Security Deposit is paid in the first year only upon entry into BISZ Boarding. It is kept as a bond under the students name and refunded (without interest) after the student has left our school, less any outstanding fees/charges or damages to school property).

Shuttle Service Fee (paid individually per shuttle ride, the price differs according to the type of shuttle service and destination).

Additional Laundry Service Fee(paid individually per laundry load, to be informed).

Uniforms are paid upon request.

Full Boarding Programme Fee, Application and Enrollment Fee, and Security Deposit are to be paid all at once upon enrollment.

Other Fees:

Admission fee for new students 1.500,00 € (11.301,75 kn) per child (a one time non-refundable fee, payable within 7 days of notification of acceptance).

Registration fee for all returning students 750,00 € (5.650,88 kn) per child (a one time non-refundable fee, payable within 7 days of notification of acceptance).

Late Payment Charge: 106,18 € (800,00 kn) per cost of reminder.

Private lessons: INDIVIDUAL 30,00 € (226,04 kn), 2 STUDENTS together 25,00 € (188,36 kn) each, 3 STUDENTS together 20,00 € (150,69 kn) each per hour.

Optional excursions (school skiing, field trips) and OUT OF HOURS ACTIVITIES is paid separately.

After the 21st of June, students who are not enrolled/or who have not paid the corresponding tuition fees will need to purchase all curriculum based books and materials independent of the school.

Students for Y11/12/13 pay for all the Cambridge Assessment International Education exams costs.

Additional charges payable directly to supplier:
  1. Uniform and sports kit
  2. Daily transport (to/from school)
  3. Laptops for Middle Year students
  4. Unofficial or certified translations for any school documents